CEO & Founder, Young Lee

CEO & Founder, Young Lee

Ulloo is a next generation e-commerce company,  focused on personalization and "empowering consumers’ choice." It solves many pain points for today's millennial consumers – each ulloo handbag is extremely compact, minimal and practical because of its modular design. Most importantly, it gives consumers a choice to express themselves by allowing them to make their own bag.

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Launched from a Kickstarter campaign, ulloo delivered its first batch of personalized interchangeable bags in February 2018, after careful consideration of leather, suppliers, and product design. A long-time bag lover, Young Lee founded ulloo with the idea to open all the options for bag selections to consumers in one easy transformative design. She's now learned that running a business goes beyond selling products. She feels empowered as she creates her brand's voice, writes its story and spreads her passions across society. Young's fearless spirit has been instrumental to her company's success. She says, "I'm not afraid of trying: acting fast, failing fast, and learning fast." This has allowed her to feel like a true superwoman, running her own business. She feels it's important that she has the flexibility to try, execute (successfully or with failure) her own vision and ideas. Young's mind is set. She prioritizes strengthening her brand and growing her business one day at a time. 

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make your own bag

make your first ulloo bag

Express your taste and sense of design with ulloo bag.  All ulloo bags can be made on your own by selecting one body, one flap, and one strap. Follow simple 3 steps to make your first bag.  All parts are completely interchangeable, so you can always add more parts to change up your style. One simple change in flap colors or shapes will turn your bag into totally different look.

Starting at $185.00


urban chic

Ulloo’s top selling set that has everything you need for your daily style. Brown on brown combination is classic with tone-on-tone color twist. Olive green flap is the most loved flap by ulloo fans for their causal style.


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practical beauty

This beautifully crafted black body in Italian premium leather with a unique brown-toned flap can be your go-to every day bag.  When you want eye-popping color, the hot pink flap will add a splash of color within a few snaps, literally.