Founder, Danielle Birrittella

Founder, Danielle Birrittella


Poe is a fine jewelry line that crafts elemental belongings from the most precious materials on earth. Their work is a reminder that objects become beautiful when they are the channel to another world, the embodiment of a sacred bond, or the remnant of something otherwise forgotten.

In 2008, Danielle Birrittella started Poe, after finding inspiration from antiques collected throughout her travels. As a classical singer, Danielle had no experience with jewelry making or running her own business; but she found empowerment and inspiration by learning from her mother, a powerful entrepreneur. Since then, Poe has blossomed into a successful, fruitful business. Danielle finds support and inspiration from her female peers, often collaborating with and teaching one another. 

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Poe Ring 1

 diamond & ruby Kundalini ring

Solid gold coiled wire set with a ruby and diamond symbolic of the Kundalini spiral. 18k gold. 1.5mm ruby & diamond.



pavé chimera orbit ring

Orbital edge band handset with a choice of pavé diamonds or natural, untreated emeralds, rubies, blue, yellow, orange, light and dark pink sapphires.


princess diamond ellipse huggies

This diamond shape represents the Third Eye Chakra, which promotes insight. It is associated with all elements and the planets of Saturn and the Moon.