what is foxxtales?


We are an online magazine and lifestyle platform connecting you to people, places, stories, and content that inspire and fuel the soul. We are also an online marketplace exclusively featuring female-run, artisan businesses. 

Founded by Corinne Foxx, she always found inspiration in her surroundings. Whether it was to act, write or even start her own company, she noticed that her desire to create was nurtured by the people she met and places that she had been.

Her adventures around the world (from South Africa to Thailand) allowed her to meet and interact with some of the most inspirational people. Their stories and their passions deeply impacted and touched Corinne. She thought, “I can’t keep these stories to myself. I need to share them with the world.” Foxxtales is that endeavor. From featuring budding artisan business women to documenting travel experiences across the globe, Foxxtales is a meeting place for creative minds and souls.

Foxxtales is just not Corinne’s story. It’s everyone’s story. 


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