original human

Mother-daughter duo,  Win & Sasha

Mother-daughter duo,  Win & Sasha


Original Human Co. is run by a mother-daughter team based in Calgary, Canada.  Original Human Co. is a minimalist, natural skin care brand designed for all skin types. Essential and effortless, think of it as your skin care foundation. 


Just one year ago, mother-daughter duo, Win & Sasha, launched their skin care brand, Original Human Co. However - their partnership was a long time coming. Sasha had always admired her mother's entrepreneurial spirit ever since she was a child. She refers to her mother as a "trailblazer" and hopes that their dynamic energy inspires others to collaborate with their own family. With Original Human, both women feel fulfilled, now being able to share products that have made a difference in their own lives with the world. They feel a sense of purpose, knowing that their business supports and empowers local communities that grow, harvest and conserve the unique ingredients used in their formulas. Sasha and Win feel empowered to have watched their dream turn into a reality (and receive rave reviews!).  

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This lightweight oil-based serum works to balance the skin and sebum production, giving acne-prone and combination skin what it needs for soft, fresh feeling skin. Nutrient rich ingredients protect the skin and calm inflammation, and help to break up any existing scars. Naturally occurring Vitamin C, E and ferulic acid promote skin cell growth and repair while natural actives keep acne-prone skin clear.

$20.00 CAD



This oil-based serum is perfect for those with sensitive skin who need to relieve irritation, soothe and protect. Naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants strengthen cell structure and elasticity while chamzulene from Cape Chamomile rejuvenates and calms for comforted, nourished skin.

$20.00 CAD



This lightweight oil serum is formulated to get that glow and smooth out rougher texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Plant powered ingredients combat aging and stop collagen breakdown while actives gently stimulate circulation and cell regeneration to improve overall skin tone.

$20.00 CAD



With a base of Marula oil, this serum is perfect for those looking to improve moisture levels and restore balance to dry skin, minus a greasy feel. Vitamins and essential fatty acids soothe inflammation and reduce redness while the lightweight texture means that the serum reaches the deeper layers of the skin. Active ingredients gently promote rapid healing in dry skin.

$20.00 CAD