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Meet michele Thorton Ghee

Media Mogul



Michele Thornton Ghee is the definition of a media mogul, powerhouse and boss. Thornton graduated from Golden Gate University with a Bachelor of Arts and began her career at SBC Communications in her hometown Oakland, California. In 2017, she was also honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from her Alma Mater. Previously she worked for CNN as the Director of Multicultural Sales, A&E Television, The History Channel and The Weather Channel. Thornton has received honors from various organizations, such as 2018 Multichannel News Woman to Watch list, Jesse Banks Humanitarian Award and ADCOLOR Change Agent Award, just to name a few. Not to mention, she has served on many panels providing advice for women at Essence Festival, the Women of Power Summit and more. 

By Brianna Allen

Now as the SVP of Media Sales at BET HER (formerly Centric TV) she is responsible for managing the growth of revenue and sales for the network. Since joining BET, a subsidiary of Viacom in 2012 she has been the powerful force in rebranding Centric TV, the network designed for black women to BET HER. With Thornton as the brains behind the network they have launched influential events honoring women at the BET HER Fights: Breast Cancer in October 2017 and the BET HER Awards this past June. 


The SVP is now an author of two books, Stratechic: Life and Career Winning Strategies for Women (2015) and Stratechic 2.0: HER Plan. HER Power. HER Purpose. (2017). Thornton aims to empower other women and teach them how to prioritize themselves and their journey. She wants women to become strategic-actually, which she calls STRATECHIC. She encourages her readers to set expectations to achieve goals and to make it happen by following her 10-Step Framework. 

The 10-Step Stratechic Framework

  1. Self-Awareness is bigger than knowing yourself
  2. Transform your circle
  3. Relationship Building: Preparation & Follow-up
  4. Ask for what you’ve earned
  5. Turn up your social game
  6. Execute your plan
  7. Capacity matters in good and bad times
  8. Help others- serve your way forward
  9. Invest in yourself first
  10. Craft and communicate your story

If you need any advice on building your brand, Thornton has the words of wisdom to jumpstart your career to help you find your purpose in life. I had the opportunity to meet Michele Thornton Ghee at an intern seminar at BET Networks. I received compelling advice on building myself as a brand and learning how to network. Thornton shared the importance of having a voice, to know the reason you are in the room and building relationships. This is something that I have taken with me every time I enter a room because you only have one time to make a lasting first impression on someone. Another piece of advice, Thornton noted is how crafting your story is how you build your brand. She emphasized that we cannot let other people know our story better than ourselves and knowing other people’s stories puts you at the head of the line. These key takeaways that I learned from this seminar and her books has definitely left an impact on me to this day. Michele Thornton Ghee encourages women to step outside of their comfort zone to be the best version of themselves, whether they are the CEO or a mother of three. And this is why I consider her to be the ultimate badass woman.