Back To School: How To Stay Focused for The School Year

back to school



It’s that time of the year again... Summer is over and it’s time to get back to the grind of school. Switching off summer mode can be difficult, but once you get into your rhythm again, you'll find your new normal. Most importantly, you have to create a study routine. This starts with discovering a study space that will keep you focused.

There is a lot to juggle.  Between preparing for new classes, extracurricular activities, still enjoying time with friends, and working towards your degree, you need to find some sort of balance. After all, these are the best four years of your life! Here are six tips on how to get ready for the new school year:


By Brianna Allen

Set goals/plan effectively

Time management is the key to completing your studies in college. Use a planner to keep up with your schedule and to map out a strategy for each class. it is a good idea to set goals for each course so you can have something to work towards. For example, if you know Spanish is difficult for you set time to study so you can achieve your goal of making an A. This will ensure you are prepared and keeping up with the workload. 


Stay active  

Make sure to visit your campus gym from time to time or even join an intramural team. Research has proven, “exercise can have a more immediate impact on memory formation.” If you are able to get active a few times a week it can be beneficial for your studies. It can also help you avoid the freshman 15 at all cost, which is a plus! 


Form study groups 

College is hard enough, so why not make studying fun and do it in groups! During your first day of classes, it is a good idea to introduce yourself to a few people and exchange contact information. This is helpful for studying for exams or if you miss a class and need to get the notes. It also can make a large class of 200 students feel smaller and more manageable.


Don’t procrastinate  

The first week of school is the best time to get ahead of the game. Take the first two weeks to settle into your classes and go over the course material early. It is important to allot at least an hour for each class so you are effectively learning the material. I know most college students want to enjoy syllabus week hanging out with their friends, but if you put in the work early you will be prepared later.



Take advantage of your universities alumni base. Most universities have networking events near the school to connect alumni with undergraduate or graduate students. This is a great time to make connections to find a mentor to guide you through your college career. Who knows you may find a connection to help you land that summer internship or full-time offer after graduation!


Find new opportunities

College is a great time to explore new interests such as clubs, sororities/fraternities or even picking up a new hobby. You can also find new programs such as, studying abroad for the summer or semester. Taking a class abroad is a great experience to learn about cultural differences of a different country while also earning class credit from your university. It can be a challenging experience, but it truly sets you apart from other students on campus especially when it comes to interviewing for internships.