"Shop-porting": Socially Conscious Shopping




September is quickly approaching and while I won’t be going “back-to-school” I still associate the time of year with shopping. With so many stores and websites, it can be challenging to decide where to look. Want to update your wardrobe but not sure where to start? Consider shopping sustainably or checking out brands that support a cause. Here is the Foxxtales guide to shopping for good. 



By Stephanie Mace


With the slogan “being naked is the #1 most sustainable option, Reformation is #2,” this brand is known for efficient and eco-friendly practices. Reformation invests in green building technologies and tries to minimize waste, water and energy footprints. And by the way, their clothes are cute and reasonably priced! We love their summer dresses and jumpsuits. We also suggest checking out the brand’s Reformation Jeans line, which is more affordable. 

31 Bits

Founded by three women who wanted to provide job opportunities for artisans around the world, 31 Bits offers ethically made bags, jewelry and other goods. The brand ensures that artisans receive fair wages, gain access to the global market and work under ethical conditions as they create unique products. 


Cuyana is all about creating “fewer, better things,” including clothing, bags and accessories. In 2013, the brand founded the “Lean Closet Movement.” Cuyana shoppers can choose to join the movement at checkout, receiving a reusable bag to fill with clothing they no longer want. Working with non-profit partner H.E.A.R.T, (Helping East Abuse Related Trauma) Cuyana donates the clothing to women in need. 

The Giving Keys

Founded by singer-songwriter Caitlin Crosby, The Giving Keys is a jewelry brand that creates key necklaces with unique and inspirational words engraved on them. The Giving Keys hires those transitioning out of homelessness as members of its full time staff, and collaborates with organizations such as Chrysalis and the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles. The Giving Keys also supports The Hope Project, encouraging members of its community, including writers, creative and designers, to share their stories of hope.

Christy Dawn

A line of flowy dresses that we adore for any occasion, Christy Dawn employs artisans in Downtown LA. The brand emphasizes ethical production, employing talented seamstresses that all receive health benefits. Furthermore, Christy Dawn repurposes deadstock fabric, the residual fabrics left over from major fashion houses to create sustainable designs. While we send 11 million tons of textiles to landfills each year, Christy Dawn is helping to reduce this number.