The Perfect Concerts & Music Festivals To Close Out The Summer



Even though summer may be coming to an end, we're still in festival season! So, if you haven't seen any live acts this summer, there are still plenty of concerts left to attend! This year, we’ve had plenty of music festivals and concerts from Coachella to Essence Fest in New Orleans and Governor’s Ball in New York City on Randall’s Island Park, but there’s more to come. 

The music industry is constantly changing and there are many up and coming artists who started small like SZA that are now headlining major events. Festival season is a good time to explore new genres of music and finding new artists while soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoorsy weather. 

Check out Foxxtales top 8 concerts and festivals to attend because this is the perfect way to end your summer!



By Brianna Allen

Beyoncé & Jay Z

Calling all members of the Beehive! This concert is a definite must-see. I know most of us are still not over Beychella, but believe it or not the Queen and HOV have more for us. After finishing On the Run II tour abroad they will start the US tour in Cleveland, Ohio on July 25th. 

Wonder if we will get a surprise appearance from Destiny Child or Blue Ivy like we did in their album, Everything is Love. The duo will be performing almost 50 times during this tour so you can’t miss this!

Taylor Swift

This is a great concert for a GNO because Taylor Swift is obviously every girl’s top country/pop artist who is reliving their childhood memories. So far on tour, Taylor has performed for the most recent album, ‘Reputation’ and even some throwbacks from her album in 2008, ‘Fearless.’ Taylor plans to take her fifth tour overseas at the end of the year performing in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. 

Drake & Migos

Between Drake’s Scorpion album and the Migos’ Culture II, it’s safe to say this concert will be LIT! The two only had one collaboration with “Walk It Talk It,” but they plan to go on tour together as, ‘Aubrey and the Three Amigos.’ Unfortunately, the tour was planned to start at the end of July, but due to production issues it will begin August 10th until November 17th in the United States and of course end up in Canada. Even though there is a slight delay it’s okay because it gives us even more time to get our tickets! We know Champagne Papi will exceed our expectations

Sam Smith

If you want to hear one of the best vocalist in concert, you must see Sam Smith live. He will leave you tearing up throughout the concert, but in a good way of course! The hit song ‘Stay With Me,” is probably his most notable, but he is currently performing his latest album, ‘The Thrill Of It All.’

Bruno Mars

The 24K Magic Tour is here! Bruno Mars is a classic all-around phenomenal artist that is a good time to see with your friends, family or even your bae. We all know Bruno is a triple threat and an 11-time Grammy winner and multi-platinum selling artist. He can dance, sing and put on a heck of a performance! Rumor has it Cardi B will be joining the end of the tour post baby to perform their hit together, “Finesse.”


This festival will be held on Randall’s Island Park in New York City on July 27th-29th. The outdoor festival will feature The Killers, Janet Jackson, SZA and more during this weekend. Lil’ Wayne was also just added as a surprise to the line-up! 

Festivals are a fun time to discover new artists and music that you have not heard of. Be sure to check out up and coming artists such as, Kalin White, Odesza, Sabrina Claudio and more! Not to mention, this is also great time to explore the Big Apple. Enjoy a rooftop bar in Midtown and grab a classic NY style hotdog before heading to the festival.


Afropunk is in Brooklyn, NY at Commodore Barry Park on August 25th & 26th. What festival brings together fashion and music? Well, Afropunk has live music, shopping and good vibes while celebrating all variations of African culture. Miguel, The Internet, Janelle Monae, Tyler the Creator and more will be featured to perform on stage during the two-day festival. Afropunk will also have a Spinthrift Market that will showcase and celebrate the best of NYC’s maker community. From the DIY-minded to African art, textiles and jewelry this market will have it all. There is also an opportunity to attend the festival for free by applying to volunteer, so don’t miss out!


A 4-day festival with over 100 different artists and genres? Count me in! This festival is held in Grant Park, Chicago on August 2-5th. With headliners like the Arctic Monkeys, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Jack White and Lil Uzi Vert (a personal favorite) you are sure in for a great weekend. Who knows you may even run into some famous celebs like Chance the Rapper or Malia Obama. This also makes for a great weekend to enjoy the summertime weather in Chicago and engage in some touristy activities such as, posing by the famous Bean and indulging in their good eats. Check out our article The Best Places to Eat Wherever You’re Traveling To This Summer for some fun Chi-town restaurants.