The Bad Date Escape Plan

bad date




You’re sitting across from someone on a date and you start to realize that you don’t see this going anywhere. The conversation drags on as they start talking about their pilot script (again) and you’re searching for an excuse to leave. Don’t get stuck on a bad date! Read on for tips and tricks for making a polite and necessary exit.




By Stephanie Mace

It’s your friend’s birthday

This almost always works, for dates any time of day. On a uncomfortable happy hour date? You have to head out for a birthday dinner. Awkward coffee date? You have to meet a friend for birthday drinks on the other side of town, and traffic is looking bad!

You Already Signed up for a Workout Class

In the world of high end fitness, where you have to sign up for classes days in advance and deal with strict cancellation policies, this excuse can seem very reasonable. You signed up for your favorite SoulCycle instructor and forgot about it (until now), and you promised a friend you’d go! If you’re having a meal and a big workout seems unlikely, tell your date you’re heading to the meditation studio-- they won’t question your search for zen!

Your parking meter expired

The best excuse when it’s time to order another drink. “I wish I could, but my parking meter is about to expire!” (They don’t have to know if you Ubered). Be warned, some might offer to put more money on it for you. Tell them you parked many blocks away and get out of there!

Work situation

For many of us, work often extends beyond the traditional 9 to 5. Maybe our jobs require long hours or we have a “side hustle” that we focus on outside of typical work hours. This means that a call, a meeting or a work-related event can get you out of a date at night or even on the weekend. Be sure to mention that your “work thing” is going to go late, so they won’t suggest meeting up after!

Spontaneous visit from an aunt

Family events can get you out of most situations -- but they don’t usually come up last minute. You would most likely already know if you’re parents were visiting and taking you to dinner. However, an aunt is an obscure enough relative that a spontaneous visit is not entirely unrealistic. Tell your date you wish you could stay, but you just found out your aunt (who lives so far away) is in town and you’ll have to go meet up with her!

Recovering from an Illness

You’ve only had one drink and you’re date looks offended when you ask for the check instead of staying to chat. Tell them you’re recovering from a sore throat, a fever or a stomach bug and you have to take it easy --they won’t try to kiss you on your way out!