High End Fitness on a Budget

high end fitness




Let’s face it, being fit and healthy is pretty expensive. Especially if you want to do it in style. We want a JLo booty, but where are we supposed to get the cash for a personal trainer?! Sneak into bootcamp classes at the park à la that scene in Bridesmaids? Well that’s one (very good) option, but if you want less sneaking around and more working out, don’t fret, there are plenty of others. If your bank account is more Planet Fitness, but your heart screams Equinox, here are some tips for snagging high-end fitness on a low-end budget:



By Christianna Wiggins

Free Boutique Classes

Boutique studios often offer a “first class free” or even a “first week free” deal. Boutique studios are gyms that specialize in one type of workout, such as bootcamp, boxing, or spin. Popular studios like SoulCycle, offer your first class at a discounted rate, but smaller studios offer classes completely free of charge.

In Los Angeles, HIIT House, Basecamp, Crossfit Mindset, are a few small but well-known studios that offer one class or a week (HIIT House) of free exercises with absolutely no commitment.

Opening Week Discounts

If a new boutique studio just popped up in your neighborhood, stop in and see if they have any opening week or opening month discounts. For grand openings, tons of studios will do a one-time only, special rate. New members can usually get a 20% discounted rate.

If you aren’t sure where to look for a new studio, don’t be afraid to Yelp it. Yelp is surprisingly savvy at distinguishing boutique gyms and can alert you of which ones are new businesses.

Gym Trials

Equinox is the creme of the crop when it comes to gyms, but they aren’t too cool to offer a free trial. Find the biggest and best Equinox near you and sign up for a free week. For a week you get full access to the gym floor, tons of amazing classes, and all the Kiehl’s hair products your heart desires.

Equinox isn’t the only gym that allows a trial week. Crunch, Gold’s Gym, and more offer new members free passes to check out the facilities, no strings attached.


If Tiffany Haddish has taught us anything, it’s that Groupon has everything. From spa packages, to winery tours, Groupon is a one-stop shop for quality, discounted activities. It should come as no surprise that the site also has a plethora of unique, high-end exercise passes.

Groupon has aerial yoga, drumstick workouts, cardio boxing, and more for up to 85% off. Yes you read that right. Before dropping a few hundred on a new membership, check if a similar studio is on Groupon for a lot less mula.


ClassPass is a one-stop shop for fitness. This awesome site allows you to pay a standard monthly rate to take an array of different classes. Depending on the studios you attend, it’s often far cheaper than going to individual classes. The only stipulation with ClassPass is that you can’t visit the same studio more than twice a month. This membership works best for people who enjoy an eclectic workout.

Membership prices change by city but the smallest packages range from $30-50 and allow up to about 4 classes per month, depending on credits per class. Compared to a studio like SoulCycle, which can cost $26 per class, you get way more bang for your buck.