Inside The DJ Booth on Beat Shazam



Mark your calendars for May 29th! Fox's hit show, Beat Shazam, returns and you might recognize a new face.

Yup, yours truly is joining Beat Shazam as the new DJ

Leading up to the season premiere, I am going to be sharing exclusive content with the Foxxtales community. From behind-the-scenes moments to my favorite summer playlist, you'll get a first look before anyone else right here. 

Now, let me take you inside my DJ booth...



By Corinne Foxx



My Job:

First of all, being the DJ on a show dedicated to music is a pretty big deal. A bigger deal than my dad's job as the host? Debatable. If I don't play the tunes, the show essentially doesn't exist so.... it's pretty fair to say that my job may be a little more important than my dad's job. Just kidding. 

In all honesty, my main job is to keep the tunes coming. Music has always been a huge part of my life. But, I did have to study up so I could deliver the best of the best this season. While you may see all the music that I play on the show, you don't see all the music that I play off-air. You see, the music doesn't stop when the cameras stop rolling. The Beat Shazam set is truly a non-stop party. In between takes, we are having dance battles with audience members, sing offs with my dad and telling so many jokes. So, I'm in charge of keeping the energy up on set for the entire filming process.  

Here are the top five things that you'll see me doing this season on Beat Shazam: 

#1 - Playing The tunes

Obviously, this is the most important aspect of my job on the show. First and foremost, when it's time to play the game, I'm the one in charge of playing the songs for our contestants. Often times, it does get super nerve wracking for me because I really do want all of our contestants to win. Off air, I'm picking between Today's Hits and some oldies to keep the audience and our crew in good spirits. 

#2 - Keeping an eye out on my dad

Yes, I would consider this a job. If you saw the first season of the show, you'll know that my dad is a little... well... for lack of a better word: extravagant. I've made it my mission this season to bring my dad back down to Earth and remember that he's not the 25 year old he once was. It's all in fun though. But, don't think that I'll let him get away with doing the dab. I have to have some boundaries, don't I? 

#3 - Hanging out with our celebrity guests

If you didn't know, Beat Shazam is packed with celebrity guests! You really never know when someone famous is going to show up on the show. So when they do, they're hanging out in the DJ booth with me. To be honest, I had to keep myself from fan-girling with Demi Lovato. I think I did a pretty good job at hiding that she's my IDOL. You'll have to tune in to see the rest of our amazing celebrity guests.

#4 - being a dancing queen

Hey, you can't keep this girl in the DJ booth for too long! Once a dance party starts, I'm the first one on the dance floor. Our contestants love to bust out some moves and I can't resist joining in on the fun. Also, some of our celebrity guests like to sing some of their classics on show. Let's just say that I'm never afraid to be their backup dancer. 

#5 - Bonding with our contestants

This was my favorite part about the show! We have the most genuine, authentic, amazing contestants. I did not realize how impactful it would be to see someone's entire life change in just a few minutes. It was incredibly rewarding to watch these deserving people win life-changing amounts of money. At the end of every episode, I definitely found myself teary-eyed.