Dating App Survival Guide: Hinge vs. Bumble

dating app survival guide


Digital dating is all the rage these days. Why meet your soulmate at a bar when you could meet them on an app? OK we admit, that doesn’t sound very enticing, but dating apps are definitely the new normal. From Bumble Business to Tinder Social, dating apps have become a catch-all for new relationships. Instead of running from it, it’s time to embrace it!

Don’t worry though, you definitely don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to break down everything from profile pics to opening lines, to help you put your best foot forward when navigating apps.

You’ll be happy to know, this isn’t our first time at the rodeo! In the last dating app survival guide, we took a deep dive into Tinder and Bumble. Bumble reigned supreme in terms of overall quality and ease of use. Now, we’re pitting our champ, Bumble, against another popular platform, Hinge. We took two real-life ladies and got their top tips for conquering online dating.

By Christianna Wiggins


Which app is better for curating your profile and pictures?  

Girl A: Definitely Hinge, I think there’s more of an opportunity to tell a story with the questions sprinkled in between and captions.

Girl B: Both are actually pretty good at displaying your pictures, I have no preference.


Which app makes it easier to start the conversation?

Girl A: Bumble forces you to talk first, but I wouldn’t say that makes it easier. Hinge has the fun questions sprinkled throughout each person’s profile, so it’s easy to find a conversation starter.

Girl B: Definitely Bumble for me, but I have friends who prefer Hinge because of the different information sections and interesting conversation starters.

Which app had the quickest response time?

Girl A: Bumble for sure.

Girl B: Bumble, my experience was that the dudes respond a lot quicker.

What’s the worst opening line you’ve received? What’s the best?


Girl A: “Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.” Best and worst, hands down. (See photo evidence.)

Girl B: I’ve never gotten anything crazy or outstanding.



Which app led to more dates? Did you meet anyone of potential?

Girl A: For me, it was definitely Hinge. I didn’t meet anyone of potential sadly.

Girl B: I think Bumble led to more dates, but I didn’t meet anyone of potential either way.

Best date or worst date from each app?


Girl A: Best was a guy who took me to my favorite restaurants, followed by drinks at this swanky whiskey bar across the street. The food and drinks were delicious, and the conversation flowed. Super bummed that didn’t turn into anything.

The worst, was when this guy decided to take me bar hopping on a Tuesday night. I kept trying to go home but he would say “just one more, just one more!” He got so drunk, he ended up sleeping on my bedroom floor. He was also slightly sick, and I ended up catching his sickness and going to the emergency room the very next day.

Girl B: Don’t have any, lots of average bar dates.


Girl A: I’d give Hinge a nine because it was fun and easy to use but still led to men of substance. I’d give Bumble an eight because it was also super fun, but I found the quality of men to be more geared towards hooking up than dating.

Girl B: Bumble is a 6. It's a lot of work for me. I will say that they do seem a lot hotter/cooler on Bumble. I'd give Hinge a 9 because I love being able to sift through guys who have already "liked" me, and because it really promotes thoughtful profile curation and also meaningful interactions. We stan!


Girl A: Answer as many questions as possible on Hinge so it’s easy for people to talk to you! Bumble requires you to be a bit more brave, but no one will know if you message all your matches the same exact thing, just be more original than “hey” please.

Girl B: Hinge kind of freaked me out because the guys get your full name as soon as you match. I don’t want some random dude being able to Google everything about me before we even talk.

However, the guys on bumble are much more shallow, and much more likely to ghost or not looking for anything serious. I got really frustrated with bios that were just location and emojis and a bunch of shirtless pics.