How To Stay Body Positive This Spring Break

Spring Break



As spring break and summer edge closer, most of us are going into panic mode. We succumb to weeks of crash diets, extreme fasting routines and expensive juice cleanses. Suddenly, your life becomes consumed with being "swimsuit ready." While prioritizing your health is one thing, setting unrealistic goals or starting destructive thought patterns can be detrimental. Instead, we want to encourage you to celebrate your natural curves that you were blessed with!



By Brianna Allen

A good way to start changing your mindset is by detoxing your social media. Why do we follow accounts that make us feel bad about ourselves and our bodies? We suggest unfollowing those accounts that glamorize unrealistic body types. From food bloggers to fitness gurus, it can become hard to escape constantly thinking about changing our bodies. Need some body love inspo? Supermodel and body activist, Ashley Graham, is your girl. We love her Instagram account because it is ideal for those who want to embrace self-love and confidence. And for an added bonus, you may even find the perfect bathing suit from her swim line, Swimsuits for All. 

We value being comfortable in your own skin, feeling like your best self, while keeping health a priority. The trifecta. But, being body positive starts with self-care and surrounding yourself and an amazing group of supporters. So, say goodbye to that "skinny by spring break" mentality and let's be our OWN body goals this year. Here are five simple ways to own the skin you're in: 


1. Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself

We all deserve a little something extra every once in a while. Promise yourself a guilt-free meal to celebrate all your hard work. Treat yourself sis, you deserve it.

2. Surround yourself with quality people

Let’s ditch the negative energy and hype up our girl squad. Take an oath with your friends to only talk positive about your own bodies. It builds a great support system, increases each other's confidences and helps catch when you slip up. 

3. Be your own cheerleader

It may feel silly, but take a good look in the mirror and focus on the parts of your body that you love.  It's easy to look in the mirror and see what we don't like; but, challenge yourself to give yourself a compliment.

4. Write down positive qualities of yourself

Take time to journal or make Post-It notes of all the great qualities that you believe you possess. Self-love is the first step to body positivity because if you don’t love yourself, who else will?

5. Set realistic fitness goals

If slimming down is something you want to do, set an attainable goal that you know you can accomplish. Focus on the feeling, not the number on the scale. For example, you want to find a physical activity that is fun and excites you. That could be ditching the gym and taking a fun yoga or barre class.

We are all on our own individual journeys to reach a more body positive lifestyle. It may be easier or harder for some. Most importantly, we all should be focusing on turning those "flaws" or those "imperfections" into something that we love and own as uniquely ourselves. No body is one size fits all. We are all made up of different shapes and sizes. It's about learning to celebrate those differences and our own natural bodies the way that they are.