Where To Meditate in LA and NYC

Where To Meditate LA




If you haven't noticed yet, we are obsessed with meditation at Foxxtales. And, rightfully so! Meditation is proven to reduce stress, promote happiness and increase focus and attention. Ready to finally make meditation a part of your routine? Take the first step and consider joining a group meditation class. 



by Stephanie Mace

If you’re new to the practice, joining a class can help you find community and support. Eben Oroz, who teaches meditation at the Den Meditation in Los Angeles, suggests that "the time in group meditation fosters that sense of bondedness which leads to happiness and openness.”

Furthermore, the group dynamic can help you avoid distraction and take a break from technology (you’re not going to be able to reach or your phone in a packed room). With so many benefits, it makes sense that group meditation studios are popping up on coast to coast. Read on to learn more about amazing studios offering meditation classes in New York City and Los Angeles.  

Los Angeles

Unplug Meditation

Known as "the world's first drop-in, secular mediation studio,” Unplug opened in Santa Monica in 2014. Classes are typically 30 to 45 minutes, with offerings including Morning Intention Setting, Breathwork, Sound Healing and Chakra Clearing. The studio will soon open a second location in West Hollywood, and offers an app for those who want to bring their practice home. 


The Den Meditation

With locations on La Brea and in Studio City, the Den Meditation provides a range of offerings and events. Most classes maintain a specific focus, such as “energy,” “happiness” and “joy.” The studio’s yoga nidra class, a form of sleep yoga that facilitates deep relaxation, is especially popular. 



While not a dedicated meditation studio, Yogala’s schedule includes several meditation classes that allow Eastsiders to unwind and relax. Some classes combine gentle yoga with meditation while others focus on breathwork or yoga nidra. Yogala also offers monthly sound baths and music meditations. 

New York City


Founded with the goal to “enable humans to feel good,” MNDFL provides a space for meditation in bustling New York City. MNDFL maintains three locations in the city, including Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side and Williamsburg. Classes range from 30 minutes to an hour—private instruction is also available. If you’re new, your first drop-in class is $10! 



Inscape functions as a modern meditation studio that creates “multisensory experiences” through light, sound and scent. With three custom-designed seating options, Inscape creates a comfortable and customized mediation experience. The space offers both meditation sessions that highlight intentions as well as relaxation sessions that utilize sound and deep breathing to calm the mind.   


The Big Quiet

The Big Quiet hosts large group mediations throughout New York City. Last August, thousands of New Yorkers joined the Big Quiet at Madison Square Garden for mediation, a sound bath and other acoustic performances. Other past venues include the SummerStage Central Park and Lincoln Center. Not in NYC but want to join? The Big Quiet has plans to expand to other cities soon!   

Not sure what to expect in your first meditation class? Oroz, who will lead a teacher training in March, urges newbies to “come, sit, breathe, be still” and “be patient.” Also, be sure to check out Foxxtales article, "Beginner’s Guide to Meditating” before you head to a local studio!