Where To Go During The Holidays


The holidays are everyone’s favorite time of the year, so why not spend it traveling! Although November to January can be the busiest travel period it is nice to have a break from work or school responsibilities and getaway for the holidays with your loved ones. Some may find it difficult to decide on a place to travel that appeals to everyone, but Foxxtales has found great vacation spots for whomever you may be traveling with to guide you this holiday season

By Brianna Allen


Somewhere by Yourself

Going solo can seem lonely during the holidays, but it can be quite relaxing to do things on your own agenda. I suggest picking a busy city or foreign country with lots of tourists such as, Thailand. Start your journey by flying into Bangkok to visit the Floating Markets, which are vendors on small boats or discover delicious food on Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai (pad thai, yes please!). The breath-taking views, white sand beaches and exotic jungles on the islands of Koh Lanta and Koh Chang are also a must. It is best to visit during January to enjoy the hot temperature of 80 degrees.

We all know elephants are highly respected in Thailand. So, you should take a tour of Khao Yai National Park to admire elephants roaming in their natural habitat. During this busy time of year, the main attractions such as, The Grand Palace, Historic City of Ayutthaya and Doi Suthep are packed with visitors, but it is still a good time to just be a tourist and explore the city.


Somewhere with Family

Traveling with your family can be hard because you must have a place that will interest everyone. Florida is a great travel destination for any family vacation. There’s no better duo than the beach and Disney World! Orlando is an excellent choice for a family with all ages.

From the Magic Kingdom to Epcot or enjoying your first sip of Butterbeer in Hogsmeade you are bound to have a good time. It’s a good idea to stay at an on-site hotel near the Universal Orlando Resort. This will decrease your commute, so you are close to the theme parks. It also gives all family members the freedom to go wherever they please. Beyond, the theme parks there is a nice area for golfing as well as the downtown area of Orlando, which is worth exploring. It’s safe to say, it will be a memorable experience for the entire family!


Somewhere with Bae

Looking for a baecation? South Africa is the perfect getaway for this. Cape Town is a great place to experience a combination of adventure and relaxation. During December and January, the weather is around mid 70s, so you can still enjoy the beach or a hike up one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Table Mountain. There are also great restaurants and bars on Long Street such as Mama Africa where you can experience the South African nightlife and cuisine. Not to mention you can take a day trip to Stellenbosch for a full day of wine tastings. Sounds like a yes to me!


Somewhere Warm

The cold isn’t for everyone (trust me, I know this first hand living in New York), so this is the time to escape and find a warm vacation spot. Somewhere tropical and affordable? Cabo is always a good option. It can be a quick getaway and a fun time. It is also inexpensive if you choose a hotel with an all-inclusive option, so all drinks and food are included when you book your hotel. Mexico is popular with tourists during spring break, but during the off season it tends to be more low-key, which makes it relaxing without the college spring breakers.


Somewhere Cold

If you prefer the cold and want a winter wonderland experience during the holidays, I think Vancouver is a great choice. Take a trip to Grouse Mountain and enjoy the snow sports from skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and more. Don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of living life on the edge with the extreme snow sports you can ride the Stanley Park train and enjoy the Festival of Lights and Enchanted Nights, visit Robson Square for free ice skating or pay a visit to Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is lit up for the holiday season. The ideal time to plan your trip is right after Christmas (December 26th) or during the New Year (mid-January to early February) to participate in Vancouver’s two huge winter events, Boxing Day and the Chinese New Year. This is the time to participate in the shopping discounts on Boxing Day and the cultural new year parade and festival experience!

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