7 Ways To Start Becoming A Morning Person


Allow me to begin by saying that I am not a morning person. I am a person who requires two cups of coffee to feel functional and dreads any alarm before 9am. Instead, I’m most productive in the evening - I don’t mind going to a workout class after a full day at the office and I can power through emails after dinner at 10pm. Still, there’s something very appealing about becoming an early riser and getting things done while the world feels quiet and peaceful. With the evening daylight hours dwindling, becoming a “morning person” seemed even more relevant - I decided I would try it. Here are some of the tips and tricks I learned as I made the transition.

By Stephanie Mace

1. Adjust your attitude

If you believe you are not a morning person, you will never become one. And you will remain content to stay up until 2 in the morning watching Netflix or browsing the internet because waking up will feel unpleasant anyways. Don’t fall into this mindset - allow yourself to believe you can rise with the sun and actually enjoy it. 

 2. Do something you look forward to in the morning

You don’t necessarily have to do something productive in the mornings (you have the rest of the day for that). Maybe 7am bootcamp isn’t your thing, but doing something you love, especially something you might not normally have time for, can be a great way to start the day. Do yoga in your pajamas, go for a walk and grab a coffee, or read that book you’ve been eyeing.

 3. Plan something social - make friends with morning people!

You’re much less likely to hit snooze if you’re doing something social before heading to campus or to the office. Make plans with your friends who wake up early and join them for a hike or coffee before the day officially begins. Once you’ve committed, you won’t want to bail!

 4. Prepare at night

If the mornings stress you out, spend some time in the evening getting organized (this is ideal if you’re more productive at night). Pick out your outfit, pack your workout clothes, and make an easy breakfast like overnight oats that you can quickly eat or take with you to work or class.

 5. Keep it consistent

An early morning will feel much less jarring if you set your alarm for the same time each day (yes, that means weekends too!) Try to get into the routine of going to bed and waking up around the same time - you’ll be surprised that eventually you’ll find yourself waking up naturally!

6. Switch up your alarm 

Your alarm clock doesn’t have to put you into immediate distress. Switch it up so it doesn’t make you want to throw it across the room. We love the app Yoga Wake Up for relaxing meditations that allow you to stretch and wake up gradually. If you’re trying to ditch your habit of hitting the snooze button, try Wake n Shake. The app forces you to shake your phone in order to shut it off -- making your wakeup process much quicker. 

7. Go to bed early

Changing habits can be hard, but going to bed early can certainly help ease the transition. Having trouble winding down? Check out the Foxxtales guide to getting a good night’s sleep.