9 Horror Movies To Rewatch This October

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Calling all guys and ghouls! It’s the spookiest season of the year and we’re kicking things off with a bang. To celebrate Halloween, we’ve gathered nine of the scariest movies to ever hit the big screen. From psychological thrillers to slasher films, we’ve got the best horror movies to watch in preparation for Hallow’s eve. Grab some popcorn- and a nightlight- and prepare to be spooked. I mean, who needs sleep anyway?

by christianna vwiggins

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

In this Wes Craven classic, viewers are introduced to one of the most iconic killers in horror: Freddy Krueger. Freddy, in his quintessential striped sweater and clawed hands, haunts the teenagers on Elm Street through their dreams. There’s only one caveat: if the teens die in their sleep, they die in real life. It’s a simple but beautifully executed, gory horror.

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The Grudge (Ju-On)

This frightening Japanese film will surely send a shiver down your spine. The story centers on a home-care worker, Nishina, who goes to help a bedridden patient in their secluded home. While exploring the house, Nishina unknowingly releases a sinister demonic spirit and is unable to shake it. Nishina seeks the help of a detective who has experience with paranormal activity, but inadvertently extends the haunting to other people. This petrifying film led to an American version that featured an equally horrific demon: a woman with a contorted body, pale skin, and long black hair covering her face. Sound familiar?

The Exorcist

No horror film list would be complete without the OG exorcism film. While movies like Psycho and Halloween explored real-life psychopaths on the hunt, the Exorcist was one of the first horror blockbusters to focus on demonic possession. The movie follows a young girl, Regan, whose mother believe she has been possessed by the devil. Regain is acting bizarre, speaking in tongues, and contorting her body. Regan’s mother calls a local priest for help and they suggest a very intense exorcism. The rest is horror history.

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This Wes Craven movie is the perfect mixture of dark humor and slasher film. Scream follows Sidney Prescott, a high school student who is being strategically hunted by a serial killer that goes by the name Ghostface. In a classic case of “who done it,” Sidney and her fellow students try to track down Ghostface before he kills the entire high school class. There are moments of levity as Craven pokes fun at archetypal horror tropes, but don’t be fooled, Scream is genuinely scary. Not to be mixed up with its parody offshoot, Scary Movie.

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The Others

Nicole Kidman is delightfully creepy in this unexpected thriller. The Others follows Grace, a mother who moves her family to the English coast during WWII as she awaits her husband’s return from war. Grace and her two children begin to notice strange things in their new house; items moving around, windows and doors opening, and eventually, full-blown ghosts. As the haunting unfolds, the audience discovers a shocking secret about their supernatural visitors.

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This gruesome film is an extreme lesson in karma. Two men are trapped in a sadistic game by a serial killer named Jigsaw. The men appear to be chosen at random and are forced to decode complicated puzzles, cut off their own limbs, and watch each other suffer, as a means to get out of Jigsaw’s torture chamber. Meanwhile, the men’s family members are forced to watch. As the police scramble to find and save the men, Jigsaw slowly reveals how and why each man was chosen and the story gets even more frightening.

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The Conjuring

With a fresh take on the stereotypical family haunting, The Conjuring is truly one of the scariest paranormal movies of all time. The film follows Carolyn and Roger Perron, a couple with five children who believe their house is haunted. The Perron’s reach out to famed demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren after a series of inexplicable, strange occurrences. The demonologists discover a sinister spirit has latched onto the family and viewers follow as things significantly worsen for the Perrons. Doors slam, terrifying figures appear in the bedrooms at night, and the youngest daughter is even kidnapped by a demonic spirit. If that isn’t creepy enough, this gem is based on a true story and family photos are included.

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Don’t Breathe

In this surprisingly disturbing film, viewers are reminded to never judge a book by its cover. Don’t Breathe follows Rocky, Money, and Alex, three young thieves who attempt to pull off a home invasion on an elderly blind man. The burglary plan quickly disintegrate when the trio realizes that the man is not as helpless as he appears. Although they carefully planned the attack, Rocky, Alex, and Money soon become the blind man’s prey and find themselves trapped in his sadistic home.

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Get Out

This brilliant horror film delivers a chilling commentary on race in America. In the self-proclaimed social thriller, a black man, Chris, and his white girlfriend, Rose, head to the secluded countryside to visit Rose’s parents. Things are a little tense and awkward at first, and Chris attributes this to the family’s discomfort with he and Rose’s interracial relationship. As things continue to go awry, Chris soon realizes that he has stumbled upon a much bigger, racially charged conspiracy.