Insider's Access: New York Fashion Week




N. Y. F. W. These are four letters that you may have seen scoured over your Instagram feed last week. All your favorite models, from Gigi to Kendall, from Kaia to Bella, were posting and boasting about one of the busiest, most exciting weeks of the year: New York Fashion Week. Instagram models, bloggers and fashionistas also flock to the Big Apple to celebrate fashion’s newest trends. Want an inside scoop on NYFW? We’re decoding those 4 little letters and giving you insider’s access to everything New York Fashion Week.

By Founder, Corinne Foxx



There are three ways to go about NYFW fashion shows:

1. You are walking in the show. 

2. You’ve been invited to attend the show.

3. You’ve been invited to sit FRONT ROW at the show.

For the first, congratulations! You’ve made it past castings and you’re walking in a major fashion show. Big moves! For the 2nd, you can pat yourself on the back for getting on the invite list for this exclusive event. For the 3rd, you should really feel a sense of pride; as you’ve been chosen and approved by the designer to sit in one of the most coveted seats in fashion week. Is it more glamorous to sit front row at a big name show or walk in it? Some could argue for both sides. No matter how you go to a show, it's a cool, exciting experience regardless. 


Most of your favorite models (yes, even the big name ones) still have to go on castings. Throughout the week, in between those cute #streestyle Instagram photos, models are jumping from casting to casting, looking to book their next show. In a casting, a designer is looking for models to walk in their runway show or presentation. Models show up for the casting, walk for the casting directors (or the designers themselves), try on clothes and pray to land the gig. Often, the model’s agent or manager will call within the day to let him/her know if they’ve booked it. A model can go on up to 5 castings in a day. `



What is fashion week without the fabulous parties? It's common knowledge that the fashion world knows how to throw a good party. Open bars, musical guests and lots of Instagramm-able moments (can you say “champagne fountains”?), fashion week parties are all the rage. Every night, there are endless parties to attend. Often, you’ll be invited to up to 3-4 parties a night, so you’ll need to make your rounds. But let’s remember, you’ve been up early at castings all day and maybe even walked in a show,  so you’re exhausted. But, there's nothing like The Weeknd, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Duran Duran or Rihanna to wake you up and get you on your feet!  

The most coveted invites of NYFW? We’ve listed them: 

Harper’s Baazar ICONS Event

BOF 500 Gala

Alexander Wang Party

Paper Magazine Beautiful People Party

Get an invite to any of these parties and you’re on your way to becoming the next trend setter!

The Scene

The energy of fashion week is unlike any other. If New York wasn’t already bustling with energy and life, fashion week takes it to a whole new level. There’s an inspiration in the air, as people gather to marvel at the work of creative geniuses. Bloggers are taking photos in the streets. Clothing is being moved in and out of hotel rooms. Hair and makeup artists are running to make their next appointment. Photographers are roaming the streets looking for the next trend setter. Your favorite model could walk down the street at any moment. 

Some may argue that fashion week is superficial. Yes, parts of it are. There are people who solely want to take an Instagram. There are people there for the wrong reasons. 

But if you look past these parts, you will find a fabulous phenomenon. People of all different cultures, religions, race, and beliefs coming together to celebrate and honor an art form. You may meet someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you; but you both can bond over the love of the same designer. Fashion is a universal language. 


            So while NYFW may be hectic and wild, it’s also alive and vibrant.