Dating App Survival Guide: Tinder vs. Bumble

Dating App Survival Guide


Welcome to the future! Drones are taking over the skies, an AI bot named Alexa can order pizza for you and the only way to get lucky in love is to rely on an app. Yup, if you can’t master the art of dating apps then you’re doomed to a life of actually meeting people and talking to them in person. Scary! 

In all honesty, everyone is a little lost when it comes to dating apps. No matter how long you’ve been on them, it still feels like uncharted territory. We took two brave women into the trenches of the two of the most popular dating apps, Tinder and Bumble, to see if they could provide us any useful tips to landing that perfect date. 


We asked each girl to use different texting styles to see which one worked best:

Girl A used witty responses and often had messaged guys first. 

Girl B played more hard to get and often kept the conversations casual. 

Quickest Response:

Looking for a date tonight? We asked which app was clocking in with the fastest responses. 

Girl A: “Both apps!  But Bumble had wittier and more thought out responses.”

Girl B: Bumble. On Tinder, the guys would take their time to respond.” 


Quality over Quantity: 

Let’s talk about boyfriend-worthy guys here. Which app had the most potential Prince Charmings?

Girl A: “100% Bumble. Better profile pictures, jobs and bios. During one week, I matched with 20 guys that were boyfriend-material.” 

Girl B: “Definitely Bumble. Most Tinder guys just wanted to hook up with me. There was one boyfriend-worthy guy on Tinder and he actually wanted to talk on the phone with me. I thought it was nice.”

No Strings Attached:  

Not everyone is looking for the One. Some of us just want someone for the night. Which app would be the best for getting something with no strings attached?

Girl A: “Tinder. If you want to be less picky, you can swipe yes on a lot more guys.”

Girl B: “Guys are guys. Tinder and Bumble both have men looking to just hookup. I would still choose Bumble.”


Throwing The Bait:

Witty or casual? Which conversation style brought in the most dates and made talking the least awkward? 

Girl A: “Witty always worked, even just a gif would prompt the guy to start a conversation. I found that coming up with a funny or unique first line was a little time consuming though, so I only put in the effort for guys I saw potential in." 

Girl B: “When I would start of the conversation with “hey.” I got a “hey, what’s up?” back and the conversation went nowhere from there.”

Douche Test: 

There are always some epic douche-y lines coming from dating apps. We asked our daters, what line was the most cringe worthy? 

Girl A: “You must be a smart girl cuz you swiped right on me.” 

Girl B: “On Tinder, I asked a guy, ‘what brings you to Tinder?’ and his response was ‘well you babe.’” 

Three Little Words

Describe each app in three words. 

Girl A: Tinder would be fast, mindless and lust. Bumble would be connect, effort, fun. 

Girl B: For Tinder, easy, sketchy and aggressive. For Bumble, classy, laid-back, tools.


Dating App 2

Rate It:

Overall, what did our daters think of each app?

Girl B: 

    Tinder -  4

"The quality of guys is my issue. I just want it to be a little more exclusive, maybe guys who are a little more motivated to find something rather than just a hookup."

    Bumble - 7 

"Men on here seem a little more motivated and more self-staters. I matched with a few guys that said they had started their own businesses."

Girl A: 

    Tinder - 2

"I really did not enjoy Tinder. I got into more of a rhythm of swiping no and would accidentally swipe no on guys that had potential."

    Bumble - 8
"Bumble was fun and a nice opportunity to see what kind of guys are out there. I could see myself actually meeting up with some of the guys and having longer conversations with them."


Want our Foxxtales daters to test another round of dating apps? Let us know in the comments which up and coming dating app to try next!