Where To: Grand Cayman

Courtesy of Corinne Foxx

Courtesy of Corinne Foxx

As the summer heat grows stronger, Foxxtales took a trip down to the beautiful Caribbean island of the Grand Caymans to cool off. We’ll tell you everything that you need to know to plan your next trip to this little piece of paradise. 


Where To: STAY

Foxxtales only recommends staying on hotels near Seven Mile Beach. It’s the most beautiful beach on the island, so you’ll be making quite a trek if you don’t stay close by. 

$$$$ LUXURY: Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman

The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman is one of the top luxury hotels on the island. Located right on Seven Mile Beach, the hotel offers its own private beach on the most beautiful and renowned beach on the island. With a golf course, spa, six restaurants, two pools and amazing dining options, the Ritz Carlton is full of amazing amenities. This will cost you a pretty penny though. Rooms range from $500 - $5,000, depending on which accommodations you choose. But, if you’re looking for luxury, it’s worth every penny.

$$$ MODERATE:  Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach

You may not be on the beach; but at this price, you won’t mind the few extra steps there. Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach is only a short walk away from the island’s most famous beach, allowing you easy access to a premier location. If you’re not feeling getting sandy, Comfort Suites has its own private pool to cool yourself off. Stingers restaurant offering local cuisine and a complementary buffet breakfast will satisfy your hunger. To book a room, you’re looking at anywhere between $200 - $300 a night. They do offer deals for cheaper, so keep your eyes peeled! 

$$ ON A BUDGET: Sunshine Suites Resort

If you don’t need big amenities (besides a pool), then Sunshine Suites Resorts may be the right choice for you. This boutique hotel is a quaint, smaller hotel with cozy rooms and a relaxed vibe; but still offers suites for those who need some more room. With casual dining options and pool, you are not missing out on a full service hotel. Sunshine Suites is your best bet for a close access to the beach on a reasonable budget. You’re looking at a price range between $170 - 200 a night. 

Where To: EAT



UPSCALE: Upstairs Restaurant on Kaibo Beach

Want to eat at one of the nicest restaurants on the island? Look no further. Upstairs boasts beautiful views (right on Kaibo beach) and fresh, delicious food. If you can’t decide on just one of their fabulous entrees, Upstairs offers a six course tasting menu for $70 a person. 

With dinner and drinks, it’s easy to spend up to $40 - $55 a person anyways. But, you’re on vacation - right? 


Right on the water in the West Bay, Vivo restaurant offers a little something for everyone. And we mean EVERYONE: vegans, vegetarians, celiac disease, lactose intolerant -  you name it. We recommend trying the Lionfish Curry, if you’re going for dinner. Or, try to Big Bap - if you’re popping by for breakfast. Either way, you’re going to get a great locally sourced meal, without draining your pockets. Entrees run anywhere form $12 up to $24. 

CASUAL: Heritage Kitchen

This is your classic, casual Caribbean food. If you picture what traditional would look like, it’s Heritage Kitchen. A small shack-like vibe in West Bay, Heritage Kitchen offers local Caymanian food at super low fares. From jerk chicken to cayman style fish options, Heritage Kitchen will pleasantly surprise your taste buds and your wallets. Dishes range from $5 - $16. 

Corinne Foxx on Seven Mile Beach

Corinne Foxx on Seven Mile Beach


BEACH: Seven Mile Beach

If you haven’t noticed, all the hotel recommendations were on or close by Seven Mile Beach. There’s a reason for that. Seven Mile Beach is one of the top places to visit on Grand Cayman. It’s actually one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Crystal clear water, plenty of activities, nearly white sand. It’s the perfect everyday spot for you, during your vacation. It’s our #1 go to place on the island. 

ADVENTURE: Stingray City

Once you land in Grand Cayman, everyone will be talking about Stingray City. At first, we thought it was a local shopping center. Most definitely not. It’s a small area a few miles out in the middle of the ocean where it is safe to pet and interact with wild stingray. Almost every hotel will either have their own excursion out to Stingray City or will have connections to a company that does it themselves. Overall, it’s a safe and fun activity for any age range. 

Austin Lantero enjoys Seven Mile Beach

Austin Lantero enjoys Seven Mile Beach

EXCURSION: Bioluminescent Tour

This is one of the lesser-known, but truly unique and special activities on the island. During a select period of time, Cayman Kayaks offers night kayak tours to see the bioluminescent organisms living in the ocean surrounding Grand Cayman. Please note: this phenomenon only occurs in a few places in the world. It could be a once in a lifetime experience. Bioluminescence is a reaction from certain micro-organisms that allows them to light up the ocean. Pictures do not do it justice. This is something you have to see, to believe. 

You can learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience here.