Insider's Access: The Met Gala

By Founder, Corinne Foxx


I am a fashion industry newbie. Everything and anything surrounding the entertainment industry? I’m a pro. But I was not raised in the fashion industry, so every new opportunity in that world feels like a step into the unknown. One of my biggest steps (or shall I say leaps) into the fashion industry has been being invited to and attending this year’s Met Gala. 

Corinne Foxx & Zendaya hang out inside the Met

Corinne Foxx & Zendaya hang out inside the Met

About six months ago, I sat on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and explained its significance to my boyfriend. Not only did I share the VERY relevant cultural importance of Gossip Girl, but I also told him how this museum housed the most important fashion event of the year. The Met Gala: the Oscars of the Fashion Industry. I explained that EVERYONE - and I mean EVERYONE - important to the fashion and entertainment industries attend the gala. I explained how the Met Gala created the word, “exclusive.” It was the hardest ticket in town to get; even harder than Hamilton, believe it or not. This is because Anna Wintor, the Editor In Chief of Vogue, (yes, I had to explain that to him - bless his heart) must approve of every single person on the guest list. You can’t get these tickets off Ticketmaster. As he patiently listened to me ramble, I told him that one day I was going to get myself to the gala. Maybe not soon, but one day… I was going to go. 

Flash forward. A few months later. 

An email in my inbox from my modeling agent titled, “DG invites Corinne Foxx to Met Gala.” My mouth dropped. Over the past few months, I had built a great relationship with Dolce & Gabbana, walking in the F/W show and shooting their F/W campaign. Dominico and Stefano had been absolutely beyond sweet to me; but this was next level. They offered me a seat at the Dolce & Gabbana table at this year’s Met Gala. Was this manifesting at its finest? Absolutely. So, I packed my bags for NYC (my 2nd home) and began my journey into the unknown. 

Of course, Dolce & Gabbana gave me the full glam hookup. From head to toe, they made sure that I was flawless. But going to the Met Gala, you can’t only be flawless; you have to be daring. The Met Gala is about who can push the boundaries and still look AH-mazing. My daring fashion moment? A beautiful headpiece, created with a bouquet of white roses and a Dolce and Gabbana crown. The headpiece was large and heavy - but it photographed beautifully and competed the look. 

My biggest fear of walking into the Met Gala was being alone in a room full of the biggest names in the industry. But as soon as I reached the red carpet, I realized that a ton of my friends were there. It soon became a party for me to catch up with my friends. After the red carpet, you are lead into the Metropolitan Museum and have a chance to walk the new exhibit. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to get down the red carpet and I missed the exhibition. Luckily, it’s open to the public now and available for anyone to see. I’ll have to go back. 

Corinne Foxx & friends walk the red carpet

Corinne Foxx & friends walk the red carpet

Then, I was seated at the Dolce & Gabbana table for dinner and drinks. This is the time when everyone is scrambling from table to table, saying hi to friends and chatting. I got to hangout with my friends and meet some new people at my table. This is the true nature of the Met Gala: the most wonderfully talented, creative minds in the world all seated in one room and socializing. Now, I’ve been to the Oscars, the Grammys and the Golden Globes, but the Met Gala absolutely won for the most star-studded event. To my left, it was Pharrell, to my right, it was Kim Kardashian. There was every magnitude and level of notability represented in that room. It was unbelievable. 

After dinner, we were treated to Katy Perry performing her latest single on stage. Then, I decided that I wanted to beat the crowd and head out a little early. As soon as I made it to the car, my friend told me that Migos had come out! The disappointment was so real. 

The night ended with going to Rihanna’s after party at 1 Oak. She was eating Chinese food in the club, like a BOSS. 

Overall, this fashion newbie was blown away by the magnitude and elegance of the Met Gala. I cannot believe that I sat on those steps, just a few months before I’d make my debut. I truly believe in the power of manifesting your dreams. Ask and you shall receive.




My heart and endless gratitude go out to Dolce and Gabbana and Vogue Magazine for allowing me to be a part of this magical night.