Small Ways To Be Healthier in 2018




Sometimes you need to start small, before you go big. With the new year, it seems like everyone is talking about resolutions and starting major lifestyle changes. Not ready to start drinking green juice and jogging every morning just yet?  Here are some small and simple ways to jumpstart your health in 2018.


by Stephanie Mace


Eat seasonally

Eating with the seasons is a great way to become healthier without a dramatic lifestyle change. According to mindbodygreen, seasonal produce offers higher levels of antioxidants. Right now, that means incorporating lots of persimmons, pomegranates, winter squash and cauliflower. Throw some pomegranate seeds in your morning oatmeal or roast squash with olive oil and flaky sea salt. Looking for a recipe? Check out Foxxtales’ “Seasonally Inspired” meal!



Order a matcha instead of coffee

Can’t get through the day without a 4pm caffeine pick-me-up? Replace your afternoon coffee with a matcha for an easy healthy swap. While matcha still has caffeine, it is also high in antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. It has also been proven to calm the mind and improve mood. What more could you want?



Try oat milk

Here’s another easy swap for you. While there are countless dairy alternatives out there, oat milk is our new favorite. The super creamy drink is packed with vitamins and known for being more sustainable than almond milk (it takes 1.1 gallons of water to produce one almond).



Take a walk

Maybe you’re not ready to take up running, but walking provides a less daunting option for those looking to get moving. Walking offers countless benefits, including mood enhancement, better balance, and improved functioning of our immune systems. Dr Thomas Friedman, director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, named walking “the closest thing we have to a wonder drug!”



Skip the shampoo

You don’t even have to do anything for this one! Washing your hair every day can lead to dryness and damage. Keep your locks strong and healthy by switching to every other day -- or even just a few days a week!




Schedule time to rest

Sometimes it feels like our society glorifies being “busy.” If you’re always running from one thing to the next, try to schedule time to rest. (Isn’t that what Sundays are supposed to be for?) Take a bath, do a meditation, read a book, and let yourself unwind and recharge!