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This year, my New Year's resolution was simple: stop talking and start doing. By the end of 2016, I was feeling defeated, worn down and tired. My efforts to bring about change or influence my peers or advocate for a cause felt underwhelmed and futile. All my Facebook statuses, tweets and Instagrams felt unheard and unrecognized. So in 2017 -  I made a promise to myself: I was going to put down my phone, get out the door and take action for the causes that I believed in. 


That's where my relationship with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness began. 

It's also how I became a Marc Fisher #MAKEYOURMARC ambassador.





by corinne foxx


Marc Fisher is celebrating and highlighting women who are making their "marc" on the world, with its #MAKEYOURMARC initiative. The popular fashion brand is not only recognizing women who have dedicated themselves to a cause, but also granting their causes up to $5,000 to further their mission. 

These role models include women dedicated to veterans, low-income families, youth development, female empowerment, breast cancer support and sexual assault - among over a dozen others. These women have either created their own organizations or have worked closely with organizations to help provide support, advocacy and generate awareness. 

By supporting these women, Marc Fisher is fueling their drive and ambition to create even more positive change in the world. When I was asked to become a Marc Fisher role model, I could not have been more humbled to join these incredible women. 


For me to feel genuine in my work with NAMI, I had to be honest and open with the public about my own personal struggles. In an article for Refinery 29, I opened up about my own personal struggle with anxiety for over 9 years. In all honesty, I was so frightened of how the world would accept this information. Would I be judged? What would people think? I was afraid of the same stigma that I was pledging against. However, to my delight, the responses were of overflowing acceptance, appreciation and love. My DMs were full with people confiding in me with their own mental health issues. It was like an awakening for me: I was not alone. 

refinery 29 mental health month social media takeover

In May, NAMI and I partnered with Refinery 29 again to curate a Snapchat Discover Story to promote Mental Health Awareness Month. We provided facts, figures and highlighted important issues for Refinery 29 to focus on in its Snapchat Discover Story. We raised awareness for anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder and many other mental health issues. I also filmed a short "how-to" video to be used in the Snapchat Discover Story about meditating for stress and anxiety.  

Me, pumping up NAMI Members before we reach Capitol Hill 

Me, pumping up NAMI Members before we reach Capitol Hill 

Nami National Convention in Washington D.c

This was the big leagues. I joined NAMI members and leaders in Washington D.C to meet with Members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill. We made sure that our voices were heard and that mental health was not sidelined in the healthcare conversation. For me, it was one of the most powerful manifestations of my New Year's resolution. Here I was.... in the flesh... talking to government officials about prioritizing mental health. There was no tweet, no Instagram and no Facebook status that could've made me feel more heard and capable of change. 

Arriving on Capitol Hill with NAMI

Arriving on Capitol Hill with NAMI




nami college guide video series 

Coming into the Fall, I had the opportunity to narrate NAMI's animated video series for incoming college students and their parents. The series' goal is to help navigate the major transition of going to college. As a recent college graduate, this project with NAMI was particularly impactful and meaningful for me. Many organizations found this video series helpful, including colleges, universities and even the NCAA.



100 women in FINANCE 16th annual gala, benefiting nami

In November, NAMI invited me to host 100 Women in Finance's 16th Annual Gala event - as NAMI was the beneficiary this year.  In the beautiful Cipriani ballroom in New York City, financial leaders gathered to recognize NAMI's tremendous work and raise funds to further support NAMI in its mission. The night was my first time hosting an event and turned out to be nothing, but an absolute pleasure. 


It is crazy to think about what you can get done in just a year. In the beginning of 2017, I could have never imagined where this journey with NAMI was going to take me. I truly feel that NAMI has benefited me, more than I could have ever benefited them. Our relationship is beyond ambassador and organization. It's deeper than that. 

I am so thankful to Marc Fisher and the #MAKEYOURMARC initiative for recognizing my relationship with NAMI. My aspirations for and dedication to NAMI has never been more profound. Let's see what we can get done in another year!


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know of someone who is dedicated to helping others? passionate about positive change? 

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