Khloe kares

Khloe Thompson, Courtesy of Alisha Thompson

Khloe Thompson, Courtesy of Alisha Thompson

What is khloe kares? 

Khloe Kares is a non-profit organization started by Khloe Thompson, when she was only 8 years old. Even at such a young age, Khloe was able to noticed huge problem with the homeless in her community and decided that she wanted to help. So, Khloe felt that the best way to help the homeless in her community was to hand sow and distribute tote bags, called "Kare Bags." These bags are filled with over 25 bare necessity items. Since starting her charity, Khloe has been able to distribute our 1,500 bags. Khloe's work is also setting an example to children across the country. Her motto is that you are never too young to make a difference!

The Facts: 

Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women.

Lack of affordable housing is also a leading cause of homelessness.

80% of homeless youth are between the ages 18-24.

Los Angeles has one of the highest homeless populations in the United States. 

With over 40,000 people homeless in Los Angeles, only 1/4 of them are sheltered. 

Don’t let your age stop you from doing what you want to do.
— Khloe Thompson


How can YOU help?  

If you want to support Khloe's initiative, you can stay aware of upcoming events to volunteer your time on her website. To support Khloe even more, you can help fund her "Kare Bags", by donating to Khloe Kares.

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*This page was created with permission and the approval of Khloe's mother, Alisha Thompson, per her request.