Gloria L. Williams, CEO of Footnanny, Inc.

Gloria L. Williams, CEO of Footnanny, Inc.


Footnanny is an old-fashioned luxury foot care brand, dedicated to helping the world take better care of their feet. 

Oprahs Favorite Things

    Founded by "pedicurist to the stars", Gloria Williams, Footnanny has been healing people's feet since 2012. Known as "Oprah's Best Kept Secret", Gloria had years of experience perfecting her foot care regimen, as a professional pedicurist and nail artist. Since its launch, Footnanny has been chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things four years in a row. 

    Growing up, Gloria loved to watch her mother and grandmother blend creams and oils to create natural remedies. This love generated the inspiration for Gloria to create her own unique product line. Gloria feels a responsibility to create a business that inspires young women to follow in her footsteps - literally!



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Footnanny Protein Soaking Salts

This product is high in protein; as well as Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Powder and Omega-6 and Omega-9 Fatty Acids.  These ingredients are the solution to dehydrated feet and ankles.  This blend is unscented; however, due to a potent mixture of protein, there is an earthy, organic aroma. 


Footnanny Protein Foot Cream

footnanny Protein Foot Cream      

This product is infused with rice protein oil.   Rice proteins are obtained after processing of rice with specific enzymes. Rice is rich in amino acides, vitamin E, ferulic acid, allantoin and starch.  Rice will help your feet retain moisture, circulation and hydration. 



   Footnanny Protein BALM

Footnanny Protein Balm adds extreme moisture to your feet.  The balm has a texture similar to a gel and is best used for night time.  This product is unscented and should be applied on both feet and ankles 3 times per week or as needed.